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Updated 14.08.2020

Plants vs Zombies is a game of the modality known as 'defend the tower'. In this proposal, we must defend different scenarios in our home garden from attacks by hordes of zombies. There are a wide variety of undead like plants and seeds that will help us stop enemy aggression

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Electronic Arts, PopCap
Rev PEGI 3
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Plants vs. Zombies entered the world of video games in 2009. From that moment, the creation of PopCap Games together with Electronic Arts, began to grow and grow in popularity, becoming one of the benchmarks of its kind in terms of games and applications. Since the release of the original, a wide variety of installments have been added in relation to the franchise that even transcended the mobile version with which the PopCap Games product began. Today it is possible to play Plants vs Zombies on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, computers or mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.
The app for phones that gave rise to success can be downloaded for free and the game mode is known as Tower Defense. In this type of delivery, our mission is to protect a specific point from different attacks by enemy hordes. The threat will rise as we resist and we must hold our position. In order not to lose, we will use various troops and advantages over our territory.

In the case of the title developed by PopCap together with Electronic Arts, the territory to keep safe will be the garden of our home. The enemy hordes that will attack us will be different types of zombies and the weapons with which we will defend ourselves will consist of a variety of plants with different characteristics and abilities. In the original version we have 50 levels of adventure mode, a package of 22 mini games and 46 achievements to obtain.

During the adventure of the different levels that Plants vs Zombies has, the setting will change between day and night, a garden with a pool or the roof of our home. Each map will require different strategies and objects to achieve the defense of our territory. On the side of the creatures that attack us, they will also change in their form and abilities according to the context of the level. There are 26 different types of zombies to defeat. Before each scenario we will have the possibility to arm ourselves with the plants and seeds that we consider most necessary to resist the attack. In case the player wants to get extra coins to get advantages, in-app purchases are offered within the app.

Regarding the aesthetics of the original version of Plants vs Zombies, the graphics are very simple and are done correctly. The variety of plants and undead is very nice and it's fun to discover new designs as you progress through the levels. The music is original and was composed exclusively for the title. It is pleasant to hear and does not interfere in the development of the games, moreover, it adds a very good component.

The title franchise created by PopCap Games expanded and reached other devices with a large number of Plants vs Zombies games. Initially, the versions that we analyzed here for mobiles, PSVITA, Xbox 360 and PC emerged; in 2011 an adaptation was made for Nintendo DS and PlayStation 3; Plants vs. Zombies Adventures for PC was released in 2013; Also in 2013 Plant vs Zombies 2: It´s About Time was released for Android; In 2014, one of the most anticipated products arrived, which was Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, here the action and mechanics changed and it was transformed into a third-person multiplayer game for consoles; two years later the sequel of that title was released with Garden Warfare 2 which came with the same modality but renewed, this time more aspects, game alternatives and an open world type environment to get to know were added; In 2016 a new mobile proposal appeared with Plants vs Zombies Heroes, an app of the type of trading card game and, finally, in 2019 Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville was launched.

The delivery distributed by Electronic Arts is undoubtedly one of the great stars of the video game universe in recent years. With a mechanic known to all Plants vs. Zombies, it came to renew the genre with memorable music and a huge variety of designs that make it a great experience. Its later versions are good but nothing compares to the original that gave life to this new classic.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Electronic Arts, PopCap
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- Very addictive.

- Variety of characters.

- Soundtrack.

- Available on a wide variety of devices.
- It can be difficult on some levels.

- In-app purchases.

- Some of its new versions are not up to the original.

- The game mode is very particular, it is not for any player.

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Plants Vs Zombies

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