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Updated 14.08.2020

Session is a skateboarding video game developed by Crea-ture Studios and a reference in the genre. The main objective is to make your experience and feeling as close as possible to the real skateboard, learn and get new skills with your skateboard and score as many points as you can

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : crea-ture Studios
Rev PEGI 3
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Session is one of the most popular open world skating games ever, making you feel like a pro in real life. If you have played any of the skateboarding games, you will know that to accomplish some tricks, you need to move the right stick in different directions to do different things and get extraordinary stunts. Keep the stick down and twist it up and do a kickflip, for example. In Session, this idea has been implemented but more precisely.

In the words of the Microsoft Store itself, Session is inspired by the golden age of the skateboard, making the player experience this sport in their own skin, enjoying the most legendary locations around the world.

The main objective of Session is that you feel like a street skater and live this exercise, practice and practice, and improve your technique more and more. Being totally important to find your own balance with the board. Although its gameplay seems simple, once you find your character on the board you will see that it is not like that, you will have to remain calm and find the exact point where you can handle your skateboard.

Like most other skateboarding games, Session is controller only, and the reason for this is that the right thumb controls your right foot and the left thumb controls your left foot. This can be quite tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually really intuitive. If you want to perform a skateboard trick in this game, all you need to do is think about how it would be performed in real life and perform that action with the thumbsticks. The best thing about the more open skating games, like the Skate game, was just navigating your board, listening to post-punk tunes, and enjoying life.

Session provides that incredibly effective experience. You can also generate ramps, rails and other random items to set up some tricks or challenges. They can be rotated and placed close enough to anywhere, the game is completely in your hands. You have to customize your character, male, female or even have different characters once you have them available.

Its main characteristic is the creativity and originality it has of movements and scenarios, giving players total control of movements

Change your character's clothes, customize your skateboard, deck, stickers, trucks and wheels and choose a board size. As you roam the streets of New York City, you can also complete daily and weekly challenges that will give you some cash, as a reward, that you can spend at a skate shop. Filming has always been a big part of skate culture, in the game, we can find a camera and a video editor. You can repeat your tricks and edit sweeter tricks or brutal failures and share them with your friends or even upload it directly to the Internet, sharing it on the most used social networks, this option will depend on the platform on which we are playing Session.

Getting started with Session is fun, the gameplay of this project is almost revolutionary for the skateboard genre, combining the feel of the skate franchise with the two-foot control of Tony Hawk's Project 8.

Every time you manage to improve your technique and do your stunts better, Session will reward you by expanding your map and discovering new places to skate, so train and keep practicing to get to go all over the city.

One of the advantages of Session are its graphics, with a light that changes according to the time of day you are skating, so you can choose the ideal time to make your videos and achieve incredible atmospheres. Tip, the night sessions are the best ones to share your tricks with the world.

Session is not just a video game, it has a community of players behind it who were anxiously waiting for the release of a title of their favorite sport, sharing their tricks and actively interacting to make it a reference in games and applications of this genre. This means that it does not stop growing and evolving with the comments of its own players, who are the ones who know it best.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : crea-ture Studios
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- Nice music

- Interesting handling

- Many tricks

- It incorporates an editor in which to mount your own videos
- Many errors

- Occasional unrealistic physical laws

- Poor graphics processing

- Sharing on networks varies a lot depending on the platform you use

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