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Slime is one of children's favorite games, a colorful mucus with which they spend hours of fun. This homemade squishy has become one of the most used, with thousands of challenges on YouTube, a large catalog of models and a lot of merchandising. But its success has also had consequences, it has been revealed that it can be toxic for the little ones, and parents have to follow them cleaning where they pass.

That is why all these fans have found in the Super Slime Simulator application the perfect substitute. It is a virtual putty that you will not have to clean or worry about being dangerous, download this very realistic app for free and play on your mobile, it is available for Android and iOS.

Although you may think that it is a game for children, adults also find in this simulator a way to relax and disconnect after a long day. It is very realistic, it seems that you are really touching a squishy, ​​and it maintains the shape you are giving it, in addition to using 3D sounds, which will make it seem even more real. With the advantage that your fingers will not be sticky after playing with it, do everything you would with a real one.

In the Super Slime Simulator application you will find many types of models, with different colors and decorations, so just choose the one you like the most and start having fun. Only in colors it has 128 types, so you can get an idea of ​​the large catalog it has. Each one has its own texture, sound and behavior that will make it unique, manage to unlock all that are available and expand your gallery, with the opportunity to try different types and feel new experiences. This application has been such a success that there are millions of tutorials that you will find on other platforms on how to make your perfect mix or very fun challenges.

But not only can you play by yourself, you can send gifts to your friends, which they can upload to their own mobile devices and play with them. Super Slime Simulator also has a mini-games area where you can continue with the entertainment, here you will find guessing games, add a green mucus filter to your photos or create your own personalized one. In Lu-Lu’s Slime Quest get the mix that this funny doll asks of you, if you do it right and it is the same as the one in the image, you will get points and rewards, so you have to make an effort and give your best. Another of its games is Guess the color, it will show you one on the screen and you will have to choose between the two options that the application gives you, once you choose, stir the mixture and find out if you are right or wrong.

Shape your mucus and create spectacular figures, once you have it the way you want it, share your creations with the rest of your friends. Starting to play is very easy, you will start at a low level and as you overcome challenges you will go up in category and new slime will be unlocked, each day you will receive an envelope with rewards that will help you complete the collection. Likewise, you can unlock options with the virtual money that you accumulate with your advances. You can also buy more envelopes to keep trying your luck.

To create your own product you just have to select one of the components that you already have and click on add to your own slime, in this new screen you can add all the products you want it to have, such as glue and activator, add the details you want you have, like the color and decoration, remove everything and you are ready. For each one you create, they will give you extra points.

Super Slime Simulator has no difference with a real one, while in the physical you have only one, with the application you have thousands. You can also create one easily and quickly, without staining and for free, if you do it at home you will never get the same result, with the app you will always be right and it will be perfect, in addition to spending much less time. You can always use the recipe that is marking you to pass it to real life and create your own personal collection of slime to play with your own hands

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Dramaton
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- It is very clean.

- You have an infinite catalog.

- It's very realistic.

- Their mini-games are very fun.
- You can't get to experience a real slime.

- Lots of publicity.

- It is difficult to unlock all the slime

- The cards with rewards become very repetitive.
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Super Slime Simulator

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