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Get into the skin of a virtual character from this famous fictional universe in which you will have to be part of the community and grow alongside it. The third installment of the social simulation saga has arrived to become the best title of all, create the life you want and start living in The Sims 3.

It is one of the most downloaded games of all time. It quickly became a bestseller, selling more than 1.4 million copies in just one week after its release, gaining public and critical approval. Download The Sims 3, you will find it available for various platforms, including iOS devices, but without a doubt the most popular is its version for computer.

We are facing one of the video games with the highest level of customization, making its characters increasingly "real". This new generation has a Traits system that makes each of their personalities different, not so robotic, and has improved the artificial intelligence of its protagonists, which makes them increasingly independent and capable of taking care of themselves. themselves.

Compared to its predecessor, The Sims 3 has taken a great leap in quality, this is evident in those small details that make the difference. You can choose from a myriad of characters, which vary according to age and gender, from a baby who was born in the game to ghosts, who have been resurrected in the scientific laboratory that you will find in the city, or other creatures that you may encounter in the neighborhood. Each of them will have their own purpose in their virtual life and with your decisions you will mark their path, making their growth progressive.

In total you will find 22 hairstyles for female characters and 17 for men, unlike the previous game, all of them go separately from their accessories without being part of the hair. You can also modify the color and texture of these to choose the one that best suits your protagonist.

In The Sims 3 you will choose all the features and characteristics of your avatar, from age to define the life stage in which it is, its tastes, hobbies, etc. In skin color, you will have up to 6 different shades, three similar to human skin, one green, one blue and one red. Each color is modifiable throughout its range, with a scrollable bar you can choose the tone that best suits you, in addition to having three types of voices and being able to modify the tone.

If you really liked the end result of your character, using a clone button you can make copies of it and have twins created, something very fun in this fictional world. In the personality traits, you decide how his attitude will be towards his life in the neighborhood and in this virtual one. In addition to choosing all the personal traits, you will also have to choose for him a lifelong wish. These can be short or long term, the first will make the characters happy during the game, while the second will serve as a guide throughout their existence.

The biggest novelty and one of the advantages of The Sims 3 you will find in your neighborhood, compared to previous installments this number takes place in an open and free neighborhood that will change at the same time as all its tenants, so it is in constant change. Time passes in a real way and all the characters can be controllable, adding the map mode that allows you to move around the entire neighborhood more quickly and easily to locate a particular Sims.

Download The Sims 3, Everyone who lives in the same neighborhood grows at the same speed, in the options menu it will allow you to stop the growth time in general but not stop the growth of a family or a Sims in particular.

As in all the titles of the franchise, you always have to be aware of the needs of your protagonist, this time the needs have been reduced to 6 states: hunger, bladder, fun, hygiene, energy and social. As your character grows in The Sims 3, his independence will be greater, so you will not have to be so aware of him, that way you can enjoy what happens with more freedom and not so focused on taking care of him all the time. This way you will get more control over your life.

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- High level of customization.

- You can choose the life stage of the character.

- The Sims are much smarter.

- Open neighborhood.
- You cannot stop the advance of time on a specific character.

- Fewer social options.

- There are buildings that you can't see what's going on inside.

- Personalization is not that detailed.
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