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Updated 14.08.2020

World War Z is a survival game in a world full of zombies. It is inspired by the book and movie of the same name. The Saber Interactive installment has excellent gameplay, very good graphics and the possibility of enjoying an outstanding cooperative mode

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Saber Interactive
Rev PEGI 3
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The zombie category is one of the most wanted and played in the universe of games and applications. Surviving infested and overcrowded worlds of dangerous creatures is one of the tasks most chosen by users around the world. For those fans of this mission we invite you to play World War Z.
World War Z is a cooperative zombie shooter title for four players, the product was developed by Saber Interactive and is based on the novel World War Z: An Oral History of Zombie War (2006) by Max Brooks and the homonymous movie (2013) directed by Marc Forster with Brad Pitt as the main cast figure. The game features massive hordes of zombies mercilessly pouncing on their living prey, in this case us and our characters.

The story refers to a zombie outbreak that erupted during World War II. The world, as we knew it, is gone. You will play with a survivor and you have to shoot everything that moves, walks, runs and tries to attack you. There are 11 missions that can be carried out individually or in cooperative online.
Weapons, ammunition, and healing items are evenly distributed across maps, especially as a reward for those who take the initiative to explore. In each level (which last approximately 30 minutes) you must complete a series of small missions. For that, you have little time to decide where to deploy machine guns and traps as you deliberate on your overall strategy before the zombies emerge from every crevice and recess of this devastated world.

When you download World War Z you can choose from a series of characters divided into four for each region. They are quite traditional figures, but you will always find one according to your tastes. The class and progression system allows you to specialize in certain areas such as firearm damage, melee, explosives or you can be a medic and level up their skills. The differences in classes are minimal and mostly dictate the weapons you start with. The classes available are: Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer, and Exterminator.

The game has a series of different levels spread across four of the most important cities in the world. The locations are New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo. The enemies are abundant and it is quite intense when you face a great avalanche of zombies. Most of the creatures are easy to kill, but they can be found with other special ones that are bigger and more powerful or others that have the characteristic of being agile and fast. This strain forces you to keep your eyes open, as special zombies can ruin your health.
The variety of weapons available is very good and each one has its own progression. In other words, we will improve them as we use them in each of the missions. So think carefully about your favorite weaponry.

One of the advantages of World War Z is its excellent playability, mobility and handling of weapons with the characters. The camera is in the third person and is slightly accommodated every time we start a confrontation. It is undoubtedly the best that the Saber Interactive delivery has, and it is essential that it works correctly since we will have very tough confrontations.

The graphic section is very well prepared. The lighting and atmosphere of the ruined cities is of the highest points. The sound effects are good and the soundtrack is consistent, it is not the best but it does not disappoint either. The combat scenes are dynamic and interesting. The shots, explosions, character animations and movement look really great, so overall the graphics work well.

It is not a title about a deep story, there are no very developed story arcs, it is about annihilating zombies over and over again. Teamwork and cooperation will be the most important. If you like zombies, weapons, multiplayer proposals and do not mind the repetition of the missions, World War Z is a good idea, which gives you many fun and entertaining moments with your team in the world of the undead.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Saber Interactive
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- Large number of well designed zombies.

- Good gameplay, handling of weapons and characters.

- Challenging difficulty.

- Good lighting and well worked settings.
- Multiplayer mode without much content.

- Sound, effects and band could be better.

- It does not contribute anything new.

- The story is very simple.

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World War Z

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