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Updated 06.04.2020

Epic Games, Inc. (formerly called Potomac Computer Systems and later Epic MegaGames), is an American video game development company based in North Carolina, now associated with the Chinese company Tencent Holdings
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Epic Games, Inc. (formerly called Potomac Computer Systems and later Epic MegaGames), is an American game development company based in Cary (North Carolina), now associated with the Chinese company Tencent Holdings.1 They are mainly known for its Unreal Engine technology, which has driven its popular series of first-person shooters Unreal and the Gears of War saga, as well as the world-famous Fortnite.

It is the parent company of the game developer Chair Entertainment. He has also launched studies in Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. The main developers of Epic Games include Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director Tim Sweeney, and Chief Programmer Steve Polge. Jerry O'Flaherty was the art director of the studio from 2003 to 2007. Chris Perna has been the art director since the departure of O'Flaherty. Cliff Bleszinski, design director of Epic, announced his departure on October 3, 2012.

Potomac Computer Systems (1991-1992)

Epic Games was initially founded under the name of 'Potomac Computer Systems' in 1991 by Tim Sweeney in Potomac (Maryland), launching its flagship product, ZZT, that same year.

Epic MegaGames (1992-1999)

During the last part of ZZT's life time, the company became known as Epic MegaGames and subsequently numerous popular shareware games were released, such as Overkill, Tyrian, Epic Pinball, Brix, Dare to Dream, Jill of the Jungle, Kiloblaster, Xargon, Solar Winds, Ken's Labyrinth, Jackrabbit Jazz, Radix: Beyond the Void and One Must Fall: 2097. During this time, Epic also published and sold games developed by other developers such as Safari Software games and also XLand's Robbo, Heartlight, and Electro Man; and Renaissance's Zone 66.

In 1996, Epic MegaGames produced an isometric shooter called Fire Fight, (a shareware), developed by the Poles Chaos Works.2 It was later commercially launched by Electronic Arts.

In 1997, Software Safari was acquired in its entirety by Epic MegaGames and some of its titles, as well as other games prior to 1998, were sold under the Epic Classics brand until the end of 2012.

In 1998, Epic MegaGames launched Unreal, a first-person 3D shooter developed in conjunction with Digital Extremes, which expanded into a series of Unreal games. The company also began licensing the game's graphics engine, called Unreal Engine, to other game developers.

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Developer : Epic Games, Inc
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