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Updated 06.07.2020

Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence with just one tap! Not only is FaceApp a state of the art photo-editor powered by AI, but also an app that has over 80 million active users. FaceApp is a free app that can be downloaded to your device from the AppStore or Google Play. Currently there are 21 fun&free filters in the basic version. The Pro version includes 28 filters that can change your style completely with just one tap. There is also a 3-days free trial period for you to enjoy all the premium-features before purchasing the Pro Version
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FaceApp is a mobile application made for IOS and Android developed by Russian company Wireless Lab which uses artificial inteligence to generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs.The point of the app is transforming a face to make it smile, look younger, look older or change gender.

The application was launched on IOS in January 2017 and on Android in February 2017.FaceApp was downright saintly in its data collection. 

In this moment FaceApp is the most popular free app on Google Play and Apple's App Store thanks to an age filter that makes people in photos look much older. But while countless photos of aged celebrities and casual FaceApp users have been shared online in the past week, there are mounting concerns with how FaceApp handles user data.

FaceApp's terms of service give the company licence to use photos and other information uploaded by users for commercial purposes, including their names, likenesses, and voices. The terms of service also say that FaceApp may continue to store user data after it's deleted from the app.

The company said the data could be retained to comply with "certain legal obligations," but there is no limitation on how long the data can be kept.

Futhermore FaceApp privacy policy says that all information collected by the app can be stored and transferred to whichever countries FaceApp and its affiliates operate from. This means user photos and app data can be stored in Russia, the country where the app's development team is based.

FaceApp, which was developed in Russia and lets users upload photos of people’s faces that they can then alter to appear older or younger, saw a spike in popularity this week. The surge was driven by such celebrities as LeBron James and the Jonas brothers posting images on social media of what they might look like decades in the future.

With more than 20 million of those downloads occurring since July 11, according to estimates from Sensor Tower Inc., a mobile analytics firm. It is most popular in India, followed by the U.S., and is currently the No. 1 downloaded iPhone app in all but one of the 84 markets the firm tracks.

In addition FaceApp is raising alarms in particular because it is encouraging people to share information that companies or individuals typically find difficult to obtain quickly on a large scale, said Micah Hoffman, principal investigator at Spotlight Infosec LLC, a cybersecurity and open-source intelligence firm in Rockville, Md.

 “It’s about ease of access,” he said. “People are pushing their data willingly to the app’s owner, instead of the app owner having to scour the internet and retrieve images from multiple sources.”


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About ..

-The app is free

-Huge variety of options to make you young, older, etc.

-It is available on iOS and Android
-FaceApp also gives access to a massive

-It can be used onced and become boring very fast


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