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Updated 06.07.2020

If you were wondering how to make a Facebook Avatar or how to use your avatar on facebook today you are in the right place! Today i will teach you how to create an avatar on facebook, actually i can explain what is an avatar and how to make a facebook avatar image
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Today almost everyone has Facebook or minimally knows what it is about. Social media can help build a fan base that can be very beneficial in attracting new customers, increasing sales, and developing long-term relationships with your customers.

Creating your own Fan Page can have its benefits because it is free, the pages are public, you can promote your business and appoint administrators, it is indexed by search engines, it has interactive content, it can be integrated with your website, it has statistics of visits, no It has a limit of fans or followers.

In addition to the aforementioned, a Fan Page improves the recognition of your brand, specifically your company to achieve greater success, every time a fan makes an observation, these comments are not only displayed on your Fan Page but also on their own profile of Facebook.


A very cool new feature that has been added to Facebook last year and that has had an impact with its recent update is "Avatar on Facebook" seen as a fun way to introduce your customers or friends.

Everyone will wonder what is Facebook Avatar? Basically it is a new function that you have on facebook in which you can upload an image of yourself or your company or family team and create your own virtual dolls or avatars


If you are wondering how to create your own avatar, I will explain how to do it from your mobile easily, either Android or IOS

The first thing you have to have is the latest version of Facebook Installed on your mobile, if you still do not have the concern, simply enter the application store of your phone and put Facebook in the search engine, once it appears you simply click on update to update to the latest version.


Once inside the Facebook mobile application, the 3 lines of settings appear in the upper right and we click on it, we scroll down where it shows more, click there and as you can see the Avatars option appears, we enter And now, as you can see, a tape will be loaded that will teach you the steps to configure your first avatar of yourself and how to create a facebook avatar.


The first thing that offers you to Make your avatar is the skin tone, hairstyle (which can be short, long or medium), hair color, face shape, features or if you have freckles or not, things like that, the shape of the eyes, color of the eyes, if you are a girl or not, if you like to have makeup you can put it on, the shape of the eyebrows, if you have glasses or not, the shape of the nose or mouth, the ears, facial hair , specific complexion if you are stronger or thinner, clothes, hats,etc.


To see if you have nailed it or do not have the option of pressing on the mirror to the right before finishing and you see yourself, you hit the key to create your Avatar. You will see personalized stickers that you can use in Facebook Messenger of your Avatar character. It's that simple to create an Avatar, go ahead and make your own!

If you are a great Avatar Maker or want to become one, you will be interested to know how to edit a facebook avatar.

To edit your avatar, click on the pencil icon that appears next to the one you have previously created. Here you can change the aspects you want by sliding through the options on the top tab and selecting the bottom of the screen. Once the avatar has been edited, press Done.

Changes will be charged on. Once loaded, click "Next" and "Done" and the changes will be saved to your Facebook avatar.

You can also edit your facebook avatar in a different way. On the Facebook wall, click on "Comment" on a post you see from your friends or acquaintances and click on the smiley icon next to the "GIF" option. Now in the upper right corner, click on "Edit avatar" and it will take you to the option where your avatar appears with the pencil so you can click and start doing it!

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