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Updated 06.04.2020

Minecraft is a videogame which consists of mining resources to build things. It is available on several platforms, from pc to mobile. It is a kind of digital Lego where environments are randomly generated by the game. For kids, it's a fun time to break the blocks, hoard resources, and build a home or really anything they want
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Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox-style electronic game that allows building using blocks (cubes) from which the world is made. It was created by Markus "Notch" Persson. Minecraft development began around May 10, 2009. The gameplay was based on the Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and Infiniminer games. He was the winner of the 2011 VGA award for independent games.

Minecraft is a game basically made up of blocks, having the landscapes and most of their objects composed by them, and allowing them to be removed and repositioned elsewhere to create buildings by stacking them. In addition to the mining mechanics and collection of resources for construction, there is in-game mixing of survival, and exploration.

Playing Minecraft is using it as a creative tool. There is no way to win in Minecraft, since there are no required goals and dramatic plot that needs to be followed. Players spend most of their time simply mining and building blocks of virtual material, hence the name of the game. Once players have collected and built a sufficient inventory of resources and some ores, they use these virtual acquisitions to design houses and landscapes, often building all kinds of block structures.

The game sold more than 1 million DVDs on January 12, 2011 shortly after the beta version of it was released. Notch says that even with the game released, the game will receive constant updates. More than 11 million unique users have registered on the official game site, of which 25% bought the game. Still in the Beta version reached more than eleven million records, and sales of nearly three million.

On September 15, 2014, the purchase of the game (together with the production company Mojang) was announced by Microsoft for US $ 2.5 billion.

On June 2, 2016 added 100 million sales, making it the second best selling game on the planet.

For single-player and multi-player, the first step for the player is to create a world to inhabit. Before the game to deposit the player in the space of game, a three-dimensional world needs to be created by Minecraft. Their worlds are random, totally open and virtually infinite, with several square miles in extent. After the intricate landscapes and biomes of a Minecraft world are created, the player is deposited at a spawn point.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Mojang
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- Creative Potential is unlimited

- Support Mod (at least in the Java version)

- A very rich multiplayer experience with thousands of different server types

- An active development team that listens to the community
- No Mod support outside the Java edition

- Overdrive in multiplayer

- Most servers are poorly managed or operated by corrupt administrators

- Hacked clients and cheating tools

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