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Updated 06.07.2020

MINHA OI is an application that lets you see what you want from contracted services and also hire more. You can recharge your phone and instantly the balance is credited, you can put a plan on your phone or change the current one, because with the Internet you can choose another plan that suits you best
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Oi is a digital broadcasting services company such as internet, mobile phone, landline, hd tv and more. At the South American level, it occupies the 3rd position as the largest Communications company and the 4th largest mobile company in Brazil and the one with the largest coverage at the national level.

Its biggest economic revenue comes from cell phone service, although over the years it has positioned itself more in the other products it offers. In the past, I first bought Telecom Brasil and owned Telecom Portugal, but sold it to the Netherlands.

Oi is one of the most indebted companies in Brazil. It currently has several lawsuits for breach of contract and for collecting confidential information from its broadband users.

It is expected that by 2020 it will be paid by another major company as it has run out of money to pay employees because of debt and owns half of the nation's mobile lines.

According to experts from Banco Sabadell, "the sale of Oi's mobile assets to operators already present in the country would be very positive to achieve market consolidation" because this reduces competition, so it is necessary to invest less.

Negotiations are underway for Telefónica to buy OI. What happens is that the number one mobile company in Brazil is also in debt and plans to reduce it; But if you finally acquire OI, it is more difficult to reduce your current debt, although it is estimated that it may sell telecommunications towers and thus face what is to come. They are also in negotiations with Telefónica for the same reason: TIM and América Móvil.

The services offered by Oi are: 1) Pay TV (hi tv) 2) Internet bandwidth 3) Telefonía fija 4) Telefonía mobile. It also has, for example, cards on which you can recharge credit to consume data.

In the Brazilian mobile market, number one is Vivo, according to Claro, third TIM and in fourth position is OI

Best mobile companies in Brazil

Vivo is a Telefonica brand born in 2003 and the largest company with the largest number of subscribers. Originally part of Telebrás as most carriers in Brazil

Claro is a mobile America brand launched in 2003 in Brazil. It was one of the first to introduce in the iPhone 3G. Also provides pay TV services

TIM is a Telecom Italia brand that offers internet, mobile, TV and landline services.

With the MY OI app you can pay your invoice using a barcode generated in our system, this barcode can be downloaded in pdf to print or show it directly from your mobile or tablet, you can also make Credit card payment credit or debit card.

If your service has been terminated due to late payment of the invoice, you can re-request the service reconnection directly through the app, stating that you have been paid by showing proof of payment.

You can also talk to the technical service and have direct contact with them

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- Has affordable prices

- It has good combos

- They finance your cellphone without interest
- The signal in some places is bad

- In some cases, collect data without authorization via broadband

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