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Updated 06.07.2020

Photo Grid is a photo editor and video collage application, that allows users to use hundreds of different photo grid layouts and make collages. Also available are filters to spice up the collage. The design is simple and easy to use
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Photo Grid is a photo editor and video collage application, perfect for photography fans and Instagram users!

If you want to make your friends feel special, you need to install the new Photo Grid App on your Android phone. This application helps you to make photo collage using amazing grids with different layouts. You can send the collage to your friends and let them know that you remember them. This is one of the best photo applications available today and is pretty easy to use.  Users can photo frame old pictures with friends and share them directly trought he app. All one needs to do is select one of the given grids and arrange selected images inside them. You can adjust the photos within the grid and give a complete new outlook to your old phone gallery images. Your friends are sure to fall in love with your wonderful creation.

Is your phone gallery filled with old pictures? Are you running short of space? We all have the habit of clicking pictures through our phone on every little occasion. And after a certain time, we tend to completely forget about the clicked pictures. With Photo Grid android application, you can now create a photo collage of your old pictures and save a lot of space. Select any of the given grids from the application and images from your phone gallery. Arrange them inside the grids and create a short photo story. This photo frame application will help you bring your old pictures into life. The best part is that the application is completely free and very user friendly. You can create a wide range of collage with different grid layouts. The application offers different grids with different layouts. This app makes photo editing very easy and like never before.

It is important to say that it actually makes more collages than actual image editions. Photo Grid is not going to be able to enhance or change color schemes more finely, working with, at most, filters similar to those of the Instagram.

Furthermore, the montages do not involve all the cuts that would be interesting, being that the issue is more positioning of the photo as it is, needing to use superimposition than a legitimate cut. However, the Photo Grid fulfills its main role of making assemblies in an efficient and simple way, without great difficulties, being ideal for lay people and who need something practical and light on the mobile.

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Price: Free
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-Fast and fluid.
-Easy to use.
-You can choose images directly from your gallery
-Theres an option to share on social medias
- Scarce effects
- Does not work for editing pictures on their own too good

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