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Updated 06.04.2020

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Battle Royale-style survival game, received a mobile version, PUBG Mobile, released for free for Android and iOS. Developed by PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games (responsible for Arena of Valor), the title arrived on Monday (19) and translates the tense and entertaining gameplay that is already hit on Xbox One and PC
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Developer : Tencent Games
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Officially licensed by PUBG, the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has arrived!
Winner of the "Play of the Year", "Game of Choice" and "More Competitive" 2018 from Google Play and Mobile Game of the Year 2018 at the Golden Joystick Awards

Developed with Unreal 4 Engine, the mobile version faithfully replicates the PC experience on your mobile device. Join the classic 100-player Battle Royale mode or several alternative modes for fast and exciting matches. Who wins in the end, Organize the Funeral!

"Totally extraordinary" - IGN
"It's incredible." - Pocket Gamer
"The players want more" - Vice

1. Officially licensed by PUBG, the mobile version is a perfect reproduction of the PC version. Enter the battlefield and experience the classic Battle Royale experience with 100 players. Can you survive?

2. From Enrangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, play on giant and detailed maps with a wide variety of environments, day and night cycles, and climate change for a realistic experience.

3. PUBG Mobile brings the quality of the consoles to your mobile device with a realistic and detailed visual experience. Immerse yourself in the world with true 3D sound effects, 7.1 channel sound and real-time high-fidelity audio chat.

4. Dozens of realistic weapons and accessories, realistic ballistics and that sense of pleasure with every shot - choose your favorite weapon and fight to the end! And do not forget the frying pan!

5. Choose from the classic third-person perspective or the most immersive first person.

6. A large selection of reliable replicas of vehicles, each with its advantages. Find the right one for you!

7. An abundance of different game modes, different from the classic mode. Want fast paced games, shorter matches and quicker experiences? And zombies?

8. Solo, Double, Squad - you only need one touch to team up with players from around the world!

9. A powerful cheat engine ensures fair and fluid gameplay.

It's not just a game. It's a struggle for survival.

* Requires a stable internet connection.
* Recommended PUBG MOBILE system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or higher and at least 2 GB of memory.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Tencent Games
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-Generally, a fun game if you're into PvP survival.
-No microtransactions. (still)
Chases are earned in the game with game points gained per game. Reward can be sold in the Steam Marketplace.
-Map - Really big (bigger than The Elder Scrolls: the world of Oblivion).
-100 players per game, including the Duo game modes (teams of 2) and Squad (3-4 teams).
- Realistic thunderbolt (bullet drop, winds, penatration etc)
- Difficult for new players to Battle Royal.
-The servers are not 100% optimized, which leads to failures, freezes and delays.
-There is not a huge selection of weapons or items
-Duo and Squad are much harder than solo.
- Players with lower end equipment have an advantage with very low settings. Exp: You are in high definition hiding in a bush, a player who is in low settings does not see this bush but sees you clearly.

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